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Dr. Martha Hall is the Director of Innovation of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware and the founder of Dr. Martha Hall Designs and FashionableScience.com, which are dedicated to promoting and creating adaptive apparel, wearable technology, and other innovative solutions to empower populations with special needs.

She is a globally recognized expert in user-centered function design, as well as an experienced fashion designer and accomplished university scientist and researcher. She has focused her entire career on creating solutions that meet the fashion, self-expression, and physical needs of individuals with all abilities and body types.

Dr. Hall holds a Ph.D. in Biomechanics and Movement Science, is trained in kinesiology, human development and coding for wearable electronics, and biomechanical analysis. She also holds multiple patents covering a wide spectrum of applications, industries, and use cases.

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About Martha

Fashion Scientist

In addition to her role as the Director of Innovation of Health Sciences at UD, Dr. Hall is an assistant professor in Health Sciences with affiliation in the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Fashion and Apparel Studies Department, and the Horn Entrepreneurship program. Her academic work inspires design challenges in human performance, solving issues of stability, mobility, agility, and beyond.


My Process

User-centered research & empathetic design drives my work. The “problem” could be designing comfortable high-performance clothing for an athlete or designing clothing embedded with e-textiles – either way, what inspires me is my user. What are their needs? How can the design be helpful, useful, & fulfilling? In my design work, research inquiries, & collaborations, the key criteria are user-centered & high impact.


My Approach

Human-centric design is critical to my work, but understanding an individual’s needs, comfort, and personal aesthetic takes clothing beyond just fashion or convenience and creates a new level of functionality, pride, and independence. I am proud to be part of the team that developed the 5F Framework, and I invite you to learn more about this unique yet universal approach.

The 5F Framework

The 5F Framework™ is essentially a checklist for “Wearable Design” and includes design considerations that must to be addressed in order to serve the user’s (patient’s) needs. These are Fit, Function, Fabric, Fasteners, and Fashion. Each one of these areas represent choices in the design and construction of health wearables and each need to be answered, from the user’s perspective.

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