A multi-billion-dollar opportunity..

That’s also the right thing to do.

A message from Dr. Martha Hall

The global apparel industry today is leaving billions of dollars on the table by designing for only the most mainstream bodies and abled consumers.

In doing so, we pass on clothes for the many millions of buyers with activity impairments, less common proportions and other distinctive needs who, like anyone else, still want to look and feel their best in the clothes they wear.

I get it.

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Adaptive is a vast, largely uncharted territory. It can feel daunting, even overwhelming. And the heterogeneity beyond our safe, standard, mass-market design specs is so great that it can seem impossible to meet that broad spectrum of need in any way that makes sense from a business perspective.

As a scientist, inventor and fashion designer, I’m here to bust that myth. 

It’s entirely possible to make smart, awesome, beautiful clothes for every diverse consumer. And by focusing on innovations that serve overlapping needs across target markets, we can do so in a way that’s both profitable and logistically feasible.

Even the $400 billion figure from market research cited by Vogue Business accounts only for consumers with disabilities, to say nothing of the millions more who would also be well served by adaptive clothing.

Adaptive apparel that helps marginalized people express themselves through  clothes they love is an amazing business opportunity. It’s also the right thing to do. And I am so excited to partner with the Size NorthAmerica project and others in the retail apparel industry to make it happen.

Dr Martha

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About Dr. Martha Hall

Dr. Martha Hall is Director of Innovation at the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, where her work is informed by a master’s and bachelor’s degree in fashion design, a Ph.D. in biomechanics and movement science and advanced training in kinesiology, biomechanical analysis, human factors, motor development and coding for wearable electronics.

Her expertise in adaptive apparel is distinguished from others working in this area by two important differentiators:

  • First, her work is rooted in empathy, with designs and innovations growing out of a thorough, systematic discovery process that connects her personally with end users

  • Second, a